Vocational Training Program

In 2011, the International Labour Organisation reported that in India, of the approximate 70 million people with disabilities, 73.6% were unemployed. With such a high unemployment rate, MREC recognises that there is a great need to help our students become more economically self-reliant. Our Vocational Training Programme aims to equip students with practical skills & knowledge to enhance their future jobs prospects in 5 areas: Office, Storekeeping, Home Management, Housekeeping, Arts & Crafts.



To develop skills and values and improve quality of life of special children, increasing support to families and creating acceptance in mainstream society.

Employment for young people with intellectual disabilities is most important

  • Having a job is important which enhances social status.
  • Provides wages/money to participate in other activities.
  • Increases contacts and opportunities for other integrated activities.
  • It is productive .
  • Boosts self esteem .
  • Promotes individual growth.

To successfully obtain and maintain employment the student must be able to
demonstrate skills in a corporate or commercial environment. Naturally
vocational training is important for the persons having intellectual disability.
In MREC, Vocational training is provided  as a part of the syllabus.
MREC is also developing partnerships with organisations and businesses to
provide work experience and job placements as part of the Vocational
If you are interested in placing students, please contact the MREC team via